Try a Should-Fast!

A fast that feels good? Yes!
I’m not talking about a fast that affects your diet. I’m talking about accepting yourself
and showing some compassion for who and where you are right now!


For the next week try to give up the words ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’.
This means not telling yourself you ‘should’ or shouldn’t’ be. It also means not telling others what they ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be.

This can be liberating but challenging. We are constantly telling ourselves we should be further along, should be doing a certain thing or shouldn’t be this way… Well, why not? Who’s to say how things should or shouldn’t be.


Give yourself and others a break this week from the ‘shoulds’.

“I should know this.”

“I should get a break.”

“I shouldn’t have to do this.”

“I should be further along.”

“I should be smarter, faster, better.”

Whatever the ‘shoulds’ are that you berate yourself with, give it a rest. Striving for improvement is what us humans are designed to do but the negative inner talk is unnecessary and damaging.

Imagine. What if it shouldn’t be different? What if it should be this hard? What if it’s exactly how it should be right now? Who told you it should be different?

Give it a try this week.

Dare we attempt to do this for a month!

I’d love to hear your thoughts & experiences.



Want a remarkable life?

Life moves quickly, and sometimes, it feels like it’s difficult to keep up. Long hours at work, combined with pressures from maintaining a healthy family life, friendships, and community add up and sap your energy, small sips at a time.

What does it take to make your full life remarkable?

1) Reduce stress
Stress leads to anxiety, which leads to depression, which leads to poor sleep, low energy, insomnia, headaches, a compromised immune system, and upset stomach, among other ailments. Managing your stressors and finding ways to address the root cause instead of masking the symptoms is key to living well. Try meditation, gradual relaxation, exercise, or art – or a combination of all of the above – to reduce stress levels.
This week in Austin, blogger and author Jen Hatmaker said, “Sift out the things in your life

that are not necessary; what remains will be solid gold.” If you haven’t distilled your chunk of gold in the palm of your hand, you need to sift a little more.

2) Get better quality sleep
Recent studies have tied lack of sleep to dementia and Alzheimer’s; sleep helps the body clear away compound toxins. Not getting enough sleep may allow too much of them to build up. A few studies with both people and mice have shown a connection between chronic sleep disruption and the development of amyloid plaques.
Amyloid, a protein normally found throughout the body, can form sticky buildup called plaques, which accumulate outside the body’s neurons. Sometimes, the protein divides improperly, creating a form called beta amyloid which is toxic to neurons in the brain. The research in mice showed that mice who slept well reduced their levels of beta amyloid, effectively clearing the toxin from their brains.

3) Consistent, predictable energy levels
Each person’s circadian rhythm is different, with timings that vary widely. A “typical” circadian clock may be set for a lull in energy in the early morning, or early afternoon; at that time, productivity lessens and focus dulls.
Standard advice for increasing energy levels includes working out or taking walks; eating small, balanced meals; plenty of hydration; and ensuring your overall nutrition and vitamins are moderated. And remember, if you are a “lark” (morning person) or “owl” (night person) you will adjust accordingly depending on the schedule you want and the schedule you need.

5) Be in the moment
The latest buzzword in the health media is “mindfulness”, which could mean a myriad of definitions, and often includes meditation. Is meditation some kind of hippie communing with nature practice? Not these days. Everyone from students to professional athletes practice meditation, and the results are telling. Individuals who can tune into their mind and tune out the noise will be more focused, more patient, and more positive.
Do you look at your phone first thing in the morning, not long after you open your eyes? Try leaving it on your nightstand or in your purse until your morning routine is finished. It will give you a positive boost when you are not automatically processing work because you get back to the office, or when you’re getting your kids ready for school. Whatever is on that phone can wait.

6) Attract positivity
Speaking of being positive, practicing gratefulness and graciousness causes us to be more positive about the world around us. Having solutions ready instead of complaints is helpful, and practicing responses to a rejection will help you prepare. Avoid drama on social media and don’t get too caught up in watching the news.
Emanating positivity will bring it back to your life, in turn. Then, not only are you following the path of a remarkable life; you’re living it.

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